How to clean a cutting board?

Whether it is to cut meat, vegetables or anything else, the cutting board is a must for everyday cooking. Very practical, it helps to prepare all the meals, but it feels a lot less of an asset when it comes to cleaning it. Indeed, in addition to the odors, there can also be stubborn stains … Continue reading “How to clean a cutting board?”

nettoyage complet de maison

It’s the end of the winter – time to deep clean our home

In the end of the winter, before celebrating springtime with family and friends, we need to do a deep seasonal cleaning of our home. To open the windows widely and let the fresh air in and to dust well in all rooms: from the living-room through all the bed-rooms, before cleaning with the mop. Even … Continue reading “It’s the end of the winter – time to deep clean our home”


Use of vinegar in cleaning

Vinegar is not only used to give a sour taste to food. Indeed, it can also be used as a cleaning product. Of course, there are specific products provided for this purpose, but it must be said that there are numerous benefits in using white, colorless or crystal vinegar for cleaning purposes. In addition to … Continue reading “Use of vinegar in cleaning”


How to deep clean your home?

What do you think of when you hear the words “deep cleaning” or “seasonal cleaning”? A chore? The good news is that deep cleaning or seasonal cleaning is not always a chore as many people may think. Moreover, according to psychologist Gill Bonds, “cleaning or getting rid of old objects, tidying up and completing tasks … Continue reading “How to deep clean your home?”

Estimate easily or get instant pricing for residential cleaning services

What is the price of a professional residential cleaning in 2017 ? Are you so busy that you really have no time to properly take care of the cleanliness of your home? You are not alone! There are millions of Canadians with the same problem. The solution: call a professional residential cleaning agency or company … Continue reading “Estimate easily or get instant pricing for residential cleaning services”

Floor cleaning and maintenance services

Floor cleaning and maintenance services It’s important to take care of the regular maintenance of the floors in your office and in the living areas of your home because these are the ones that usually see constant high volumes of traffic and are subject to significantly more wear and tear as a result. Here at … Continue reading “Floor cleaning and maintenance services”