Floor cleaning and maintenance services

It’s important to take care of the regular maintenance of the floors in your office and in the living areas of your home because these are the ones that usually see constant high volumes of traffic and are subject to significantly more wear and tear as a result. Here at ProfiClean, we have the best tools to tackle such tasks as well as a team of professionals at your services. We cover the island of Montreal and Montreal South Shore region.

Professional floor cleaning, waxing and maintenance service for floors:

#1 Takes into account the type of composite material, be it vinyl, ceramic, linoleum, cement or marble. #2 Utilises products specifically adapted for the respective type of flooring to ensure results that will meet or surpass your expectations. Regular cleaning, striping and waxing of your vinyl floors will ensure their useful life is significantly prolonged. Using special equipment, the cleaning professionals first strip the floors and then proceed to wax and polish them. Once the floors are well waxed, they will not only look great, but will also be much easier to maintain. As far as the concrete or other hard surface floors are concerned – the main part of their regular deep floor cleaning procedure is the application of a coating (usually water based) that gives them a lovely shiny finish and in the same time prevents dust accumulation.

Deep cleaning of floors

A lot of the contemporary floors – both residential and commercial, are ceramic, porcelain, stone, marble or vinyl tiles. These are very resistant surfaces which are also quite easy to clean. It is worth mentioning, however, that the standard cleaning solutions especially for commercial use tend to leave soap residues and wax, which could accumulate with time leaving the floor looking dull, soiled and even worn out. In addition, such residues tend to facilitate accumulation of dirt and dust as people walk through the areas. In such cases, it is useful to utilise industrial grade turbo aspirators that use water and emulsifier that will quickly dissolve the accumulated dirt and clean any dust patches. This type of cleaning is usually recommended for zones with extremely high traffic or for areas that have not been maintained properly for prolonged periods of time.

ProfiClean can help you eliminate all traces of dirt

We operate in the regions of Montreal Island and South Shore mainly and are always at your services to help you clean your floors as best as possible. You will be astonished by how different your floors will look after our deep cleaning, waxing and polishing of your residential or commercial floors. Put your trust in ProfiClean.ca when it comes to professional cleaning and regular maintenance of your floors in the region of Montreal!