It’s the end of the winter – time to deep clean our home

In the end of the winter, before celebrating springtime with family and friends, we need to do a deep seasonal cleaning of our home. To open the windows widely and let the fresh air in and to dust well in all rooms: from the living-room through all the bed-rooms, before cleaning with the mop. Even though it’s not a must, if you dare and have the strength to do it, a good wash of the walls top to bottom would do wonders. Before proceeding with the deep cleaning, it’s best to do a triage and get rid of all used or useless objects as well of anything that evokes negativity in any way.

Dusting of all furniture, sweeping of the floors and deep clean of the electrical appliances

Start by moving all furniture and then attack the tasks of removing all cobwebs and complete dusting of all pieces of furniture starting from the higher areas and going down: cobwebs on the ceilings and baseboards, all over the shelving (books, CDs, albums, etc.), underneath the living-room table, behind the buffets and cupboards, etc. Then wipe all surfaces, especially in the dark corners, with a clean cloth, before polishing the wooden furniture and then sweeping and mopping the floors. In the kitchen, focus on cleaning the appliances and the wall tiles using the appropriate products, and of course the pots, casseroles and the stove should be well scrubbed. Another important part of deep seasonal cleaning is the deep cleaning of every cupboard especially in the kitchen. Take everything out from each cupboard, sort through the contents, get rid of any expired, used or useless items, clean well the cupboard with an all-purpose cleaning solution or with a “green” cleaning solution and tidy all items back in.

Scrubbing bathrooms and toilets, deep cleaning of storage areas and wardrobes in the rooms and washing of windows

Deep house cleaning involves also scrubbing and sanitising the sanitary ware and polishing the taps. A solution of baking soda, white vinegar and lemon is recommended to remove limescale and eliminate odors. In the bedroom, the first thing to do is to sort and then give a refresh the pillows, the bedspread, the mattress protector and anything else that needs refreshment before dusting and mopping the floor. And finally, all windows, mirrors and glass surfaces must be cleaned. It’s enough to use a window cleaning product or a solution based on water, lemon and vinegar in a vaporizer to make these surfaces shine again. And just like that, the deep seasonal cleaning of your home is done ? Alternatively, you can always call us and our well-trained professionals will gladly do all that for you! We have an extensive checklist through which we go for every deep cleaning we do, so as to ensure your home looks and feels at it’s best again! You can see our checklist here and book an appointment with us by clicking here! Whichever option you choose, we hope this post will help you with the uneasy but very rewarding task of deep cleaning your home for the spring!