Use of vinegar in cleaning

Vinegar is not only used to give a sour taste to food. Indeed, it can also be used as a cleaning product. Of course, there are specific products provided for this purpose, but it must be said that there are numerous benefits in using white, colorless or crystal vinegar for cleaning purposes. In addition to it being very cheap at an average price of $0.50 cents per liter and being easily found in all commercial stores, vinegar has several other qualities that deserve our attention: cleaning, anti-scaling, softening, degreasing, disinfecting, descaling, sanitizing… But what can we clean with vinegar? Read on to learn about some of the uses of vinegar in cleaning.

White vinegar and kitchen go well together!

It seems like vinegar is one of the miracle solutions that can be used for kitchen cleaning in its entirety. It can be used on all surfaces, be it on the worktops, the appliances or taps. Even silverware can regain its original brilliance with vinegar. And in addition to cleaning, removing limescale and grease, vinegar solutions can also help deodorize, unclog the sink, etc.

A good house cleaning with vinegar

Just like in the kitchen, vinegar can also be used for the other parts of your home for deep cleaning as well as for floor cleaning. This solution has great stain removing and anti-mold properties and is perfect for floor maintenance. It’s enough to mix a little bit of vinegar with water in equal parts and add a few drops of essential oil in a bucket. It’s not just the classic floor that can regain its former glory. It also works on wood, lining, floating floors and ceramics. For windows, glass surfaces and mirrors without traces, simply spray a solution consisting of one third of vinegar and two thirds of water and then wipe with a microfiber cloth. Cleaning the dirty walls is also no problem with this solution. As always, we hope we were able to be of help to you! For more useful tips and trick in and round the house as well as for a lot of prize draws and interesting discounts and offers, please follow us on Facebook.