What is the price of a professional residential cleaning in 2017?

Are you so busy that you really have no time to properly take care of the cleanliness of your home? You are not alone! There are millions of Canadians with the same problem. The solution: call a professional residential cleaning agency or company to take care that load off your shoulders. A lot of the times, what holds a lot of people off is the fear that the cost of this treat will be hefty. Good news is it may be a lot cheaper than you might think! Here are a couple of ideas of how to estimate or get pricing for cleaning services in 2017.

What are the average costs for residential cleaning?

The prices of professional residential cleaning services varies depending on a number of criteria. As a general rule, the tariffs are fixed on per hour charge or are presented as a packaged deal or on a per sq.m. charge. When you pay a per hour charge, you simply pay for the number of hours it took for your house to be cleaned. In most cases, the costs per hour would be set between $20 and $30 per hour. The main advantage of this type of pricing is that you will not pay more than the set cost per hour. When pricing is based on the square footage, this means it varies depending on the number of rooms and how big your house is. In general, you should assume between $90 and $120 for and average condo and between $120 and $180 for an average house. Of course, if you book a recurrent service (weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly), the prices may be substantially lower. The advantage of this type of pricing is that you can know in advance the price you will be paying and this in seconds – by completing an online quotation request. Finally, when it comes to the packaged deals pricing, this is most probably the most frequently used type of pricing by the residential cleaning service providers on the South Shore. There are some companies that offer free estimates and others that offer test cleanings to ensure personalization of your quotes.

How to estimate on your own the costs for your residential cleaning service?

Before you start calling cleaning companies to get estimates for recurrent or one-time professional cleaning, please note that it’s possible to establish estimated pricing on your own. To do this, you need to consider variables like the number of rooms to be cleaned, the number of bathrooms as well as if the products are being supplied by you or the service provider for example. It would be possible for example to make a list of all the rooms and dwellings you want cleaned and then take note how much time it takes you to clean the same. Obviously, the more rooms you have the higher the costs would be. Regarding the choice of cleaning products, assuming you do not provide these yourself, you should provide for a small buffer in the price. Another thing worth considering is that the price can be higher also if you require the cleaning to be done only with eco products. Alternatively, you can simply click on the link below and obtain your personalized quote in just a couple of seconds by completing our online cleaning quote.