About ProfiClean.ca

The mission of ProfiClean.ca is to help modernize and develop the residential and commercial cleaning industries in Quebec by providing a platform that helps automate and administer online the connection and relationships between the verified by ProfiClean.ca reliable cleaning professionals and home & small business owners in need of affordable and quality cleaning, janitorial and concierge services.

We aim at transforming the industry by not only facilitating the connection, but by also providing tons of added value in the process.

We help HOMEOWNERS get their weekends back, because ProfiClean.ca makes residential cleaning services easily accessible and affordable for every need and budget.
We help small and mid-sized BUSINESSES ensure their premises always look impeccable for their customers, provide healthy work environment for their employees and have peace of mind, because ProfiClean.ca provides straight-forward, fixed-priced, tailor-made, affordable and reliable commercial cleaning services.
We help our APPROVED CLEANING PROFESSIONALS build, develop and maintain their portfolios, because ProfiClean.ca provides high quality and specialized consulting, marketing, billing, quality management, customer service, customer relationship management and administration services.

Our verb is “benefit” as our goal is to benefit all our customers – both those in need of cleaning services and those providing such services (ProfiClean = “profiter” in French or “benefit” in English).



CLIENTS who need cleaning, janitorial and concierge services can BENEFIT from:


  • Safety, security and piece of mind:i
  • Consistent quality: i
  • Ease and automation:i
  • Quick and easy payment processing;i
  • Automated reminders and easy administration:i
  • Reliable rating system:i
  • 200% guarantee*:i
  • No contracts or long-term commitment i
  • Affordable fixed and yet fully customizable pricing: i
  • A lot of time left for the things that matter most:i



  • Marketing services: i
  • Streamlined billing and invoicing: i
  • Bookkeeping made easy: i
  • Accounting and reporting services: i
  • Administrative support: i
  • Customer service and customer relations: i
  • Reference services: i
  • Quality management services: i
  • Ease and automation: i
  • Automated reminders and easy administration: i
  • Reliable rating system: i
  • Low start-up costs and affordable services: i
  • Affordable fixed and yet fully customizable pricing: i
  • A lot of time left for the things that matter most: i
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