Residential cleaning


Clean fridge exterior (outside only)

Oven Front (outside only)

Clean stove top

Clean microwave (inside/outside)

Dust clean coffee pot/ coffee machine

Front of Drawers (front only)

Cupboards (front only)

Clean and wipe tables and chairs

Clean and sanitize countertops and sink

Clean mirrors/glass surfaces

Wipe baseboards/window sills and clean cobwebs

Dust shelves/ frames/ other wall hangings

Empty garbage bins/ take out the garbage


Make all beds and change linens (if linens left outside)

Wipe/dust and arrange sofas and other furniture

Clean front of all drawers, furniture doors, closet doors

Dust window sills, baseboards

Clean lamps and other light fixtures

Clean cobwebs and spot-clean walls

Sweep/mop/vacuum floors

Empty garbage bins

Living dining room

Sweep/Mop/Vacuum all floors

Dust/Wipe furniture, baseboards, sills, window sills, shelves, stair rails

Clean all mirrors, glass surfaces, wall hangings, wood shutters

Clean front of all drawers, furniture doors and closet doors

Empty all garbage bins and remove trash

Spot-clean walls and remove cobwebs

Vacuum upholstery, rugs

Clean/Vacuum stairs


Clean and disinfect toilet bowl, around toilet
Clean and sanitize shower and/or bathtub
Clean wall hangings, mirrors, glass surfaces and light fixtures
Check for toilet paper and replace as needed
Bring clothes / dirty towels to laundry room hamper
Tidy toothbrushes, toothpaste, cosmetics in the cupboard
Wipe baseboards, window sills, tiles
Change towels (if left out)
Empty garbage bins
Clean and disinfect floors

Laundry Room

Clean washer/ dryer (front only)

Clean cabinets/closets (front doors only)

Clean baseboards / sills / shelves

Clean and sanitize sinks

Clean cobwebs

Sweep/mop/vacuum floors

Our General Cleaning service does not include:

  • Cleaning of blinds, curtains, carpets, ceiling fans, etc.
  • Cleaning inside kitchen appliances (e.g. inside the oven, the fridge, etc.)
  • Cleaning inside cupboards, drawers, etc.
  • Cleaning of deep stains or other heavy soilings
  • Mould removal or cleanining of pet messes
  • Building material/waste cleaning or removal
  • Lifting of heavy items (e.g. furniture, electronics, etc.)
  • Moving furniture that has delicate valuables on it (e.g. dining room/lounge display tables)
  • Cleaning or maintenance of external areas (e.g. garages, patios, decks, gardens, etc)
  • Cleaning of exteriors, walls or windows
  • Cleaning outside of normal reach (ceilings, windows and any other hard to reach surfaces)

In addition to our general cleaning services, we can do a lot more under the other types of cleaning packages as specified below OR we can provide a tailor-made quote to suit your particular needs. Just check below, send us a message or give us a call.

Additional Services

We can also provide more in-debt cleaning of different appliances or areas of the home and assistance with small handyman jobs.
From cleaning the oven to painting or installing your flooring – we have you covered! Just book through the additional service tab or ask us for anything not mentioned here!
Please check out the list of additional services on the “Additional Services” tab of the online quote page. Or alternatively – just send us a quick note and simply tell us what you need done!

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