Floor maintenance

Do your floors look worn down? Are they stained? Or could they use a bit of scrubbing?

Keep your facility looking its best with our professional floor maintenance services!

Floor scrubbing, waxing and polishing

  • Vinyl Composite Tile
  • Vinyl Sheet Floors
  • Ceramic Floors
  • Linoleum Floors
  • Cement and Marble Floors
Carpet Cleaning Commercial and residential carpets, area rugs, oriental rugs, upholstery, etc. Support your image by providing a clean and spotless place for your clients! Ensure safe and healthy working environment for your employees!
Although all these types of floors are known for their durability, they must be properly maintained and protected in order to keep their lustre. Stripping is part of this maintenance process. It means removing all of the dirt and old polish, re-applying wax as necessary and polishing the floors to finish the process. We use specialized tools, powerful detergents and floor coverings recommended for commercial and residential application respectively. This process is a great way to ensure your floors look their best at all times and recommended at least once a year. Frequencies can of course differ significantly depending on how heavy the traffic is at your place.

Whatever your needs – we are here to help at the best price on the market! Just give us a call.