Useful Resources

Health Canada List of COVID-19 Approved Disinfectants

Quebec National Institute of Public Health: COVID-19 Occupational Health Resources and Guidance Documents

Quebec Ministry of Health and Social Services: Disinfectants and Disinfection in Cleaning and Maintenance (FR only)

Quebec Ministry of Health and Social Services: Hygiene and Cleaning in Care Facilities. Steps for Development of Strategies for Surface Cleaning (FR only)

Prevention measures in the context of an influenza pandemic: for employers and workers in Québec

Did you know that:

  • Viruses and bacteria thrive in the warm and fuzzy environment carpets create
  • Dust and dirty floors lead to bad indoor air quality which leads to more absenteeism
  • Vinyl floors’ useful life can be extended with as much as 40% if they are maintained properly
  • 40% of customers say that dirty floors would repel them and prevent the from returning as a client
  • 50% of customers and employees report that they would prefer they businesses to make more nature-friendly and sustainable choices
  • Majority of people would prefer and feel safer if they know they establishment has been deep cleaned and disinfected